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Customers need up-to-date information about their accounts, policies, and service requests. At times, when they undergo a transaction, whether online or offline, they need a receipt/copy of the same. If you give all this information to all your customers on paper, imagine the amount of paper and time waste it will cost. Thus, to save both, you can make use of the Bulk Email services by Saino. It's efficiency, accuracy and the ability to send files without corrupting makes it a perfect partner for banking and financial services.

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Save frauds with instant cash alerts

We hear a lot every day about transaction frauds and the numbers keep increasing. But as a bank, it is your responsibility to alert your customers and save them from such mishaps. Saino's intelligent SMS service helps you just do this with ease. The API entranceway and technology infrastructure ensure the fastest delivery. Give your customers all the updates and alerts (OTPs, cash withdrawals, account standing, account balance, loyalty points, credit/debit card dispatch standing, minimum deposit, etc.) they need though instant SMSs.

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Customize your campaign communication

It is a known fact that when customers receive a personalized message, the chances of reading it are more. With Saino's powerful SMS program you can easily and quickly customize our SMS campaigns. From the regional language texts to personalizing bulk SMSs, it does it all for you. You can also send them short links of your on-going schemes and collect data of the ones interested.

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Give voice to your customer's banking experience

A lot of people even today cannot handle banking and finance, and they often feel lost. Help them find the way with Saino's voice service. Whether a customer has lost his car, or want to start mobile banking, wish to start a SIP or need help with the balance sheet, everything can be done, using the smart and efficient voice service.

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Attend queries from the comfort of your website

A banking or finance portal can be confusing for a customer at first, and he might need help to get his job done. Give a helping hand with Saino's live chatbox service. If your customer has a query, they just drop a text, and it will reach to you, instantly. Live chatbox uses AI to generate autoreply for the times when you are busy with something else. This to and fro communication helps build trust and honesty.

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