One platform, multiple connections

The online networks such as Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp, Website, and Twitter are integrated into the Saino chatbox. Allowing you access the data from your all your accounts at one place. Whether it is replying to a comment on a Facebook post, or helping a customer on Whatsapp, you can do it all at one place, without having to login into your accounts.

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Efficient and easy-to-use

Often the applications with multiple functions are difficult to handle, but with Saino Chatbox that's not the case. The whole design of the application is well-structured and easy to handle for everyone. The inbox is divided into multiple parts to make it easy for your agents to co-ordinate and finish their tasks before the deadlines. In addition to this, the automated messenger reply improves your response time.

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Constantly expanding database

Customer data is the most essential part of the sales and marketing journey. Keeping the same in mind, we have curated the Chatbox in a way that whenever you interact with customers, their information will be available beside your chat screen. Using the same information, you can create a database and retarget the interested customers in future. The communication history is stored in one place, which helps in making meaningful conversations. Also, you can segment it based on brands, channels, integrations, and tags.

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Quick and efficient analysis

To see if your communication strategy is working or not, or to check if your team is making progress with the customers, you have the reports section. The analysis is done based on interactions taken place between your agent and your customers on the Chatbox. It creates different types of reports, which are represented in the form of pie charts and frequency graphs.

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Convenient for agents

Whenever an issue, complaint or query comes up, there is a certain team protocol that needs to be followed. In the Chatbox, the service ticket section gives the agent a leeway to handle the process smoothly. The easy drag and drop feature make it convenient for team members to handle the issues based on their priorities. Within the inbox, the team member concept helps in understanding which ticket is assigned to whom and avoids confusion. Altogether, the Chatbox boots productivity, increases efficiency and aids in resolving the problem at a faster pace.

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