Automated responses

Handle customer queries and troubleshoot with the assistance of our result-oriented software built with the client's best interests in mind. Manage heavy traffic of data with instant automated responses from Saino’s chatbot technology that cater to client requests.

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Follow ups

Send follow up messages to clients and encourage feedback after sale. Shoot emails or surveys to customers just at the click of a button with Saino’s dynamic platform and show your genuine interest in seeking feedback. Make use of our text-to-speech response features among others to constantly monitor and evaluate customer satisfaction.

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One-to-one relationship

Build one-to-one relationships with customers by sending wishes on birthdays, anniversaries or any such beautiful occasions. Avail our user-friendly drag and drop email composing services to send even large multimedia mails. Prevent from being detected as spam with the help of Saino’s dedicated amazon aws server built exclusively to widen the reach of businesses.

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Real time conversations

Have real time conversations with customers with the help of Saino’s secure and user friendly chatbots capable of dealing with multiple users simultaneously. Effortlessly integrate customer support across all channels like voice calls, emails, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, website etc.

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One platform, multiple channels

Serve customers through different communication channels and manage interactions from Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and Facebook comment sections with the help of Saino’s integrated platform. Eliminate lengthy processes and simply derive valuable inferences by viewing analytics and performance results gathered from various channels under one roof.

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The Saino First Difference

Hit the ground running with out of the box solutions. We will take care of all the complexities.

Global Platform

Send text or voice messages across 190+ countries and over 800+ networks. Scale your business overseas in no time.

Faster Go To Market

Connect with millions in a single click. Use our platform for campaigns or integrate API in your applications.

Reliable Peak Performance

Engineered for reliability, quality and 99.9% uptime. We can handle your limitless SMS, voice and emails.

Easy Integration

Enhance your SainoFirst experience by connecting to other services with documented easy to use APIs and Plugins.

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