Catch the eye of potential customers

Investing in a property can be a lot more challenging task for customers as there a lot of things that needs to be considered. For them to choose you over others, you need to keep them updated about your products and their USPs. And the fastest way to reach your customer is by SMS. Saino offers you Bulk SMS service which makes it easy for the customers to get the idea of the property with just a single click on their mobile phones. For you, as a real estate provider, it will open doors to bookings.

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Update your database with interested customers

Given the convenience that a mobile phone offers, a lot of people open a message and close it within a fraction of second. Due to this, your campaign budget gets affected and you have to bear the consequences. So, how to track quality customers? The answer you are looking for is by using a short link in your SMS campaign. It tracks down the numbers of customers who are genuinely interested in your property and saves your money. With this, it also becomes easy retarget the interested customers. Double Dhamaka, isn't it?

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Give a visual tour of your property

You might have heard the saying that, pictures speak more than words. It goes perfectly for the real estate sector. To allure your interested customers, you must highlight your USPs via visuals. Saino email services let you do all this with ease. Wondering if the inbox can bear the size of walkthroughs and HD pictures? Thinking what if the customer receives a broken link? Keep your worries at bay as our Amazon AWS server will take care of it. It takes care of the size and also ensures successful delivery. With our service, your mail will drop at the right place and at the right time, without getting corrupt.

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Arrange a site visit

People love to get a tour of their dream home before buying it and for that, you need to arrange a site visit for them. The best way to do so is by arranging a voice call with them. Simply give a call to all the interested customers using the Saino voice service and get to know who is ready to take the final step before booking. You can make, receive and monitor calls from anywhere and everywhere.

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