Give travellers reasons to book the trip

When people plan a trip, the first thing they decide is the location or destination they wish to visit. Once that's done, they are always curious about the place and keep seeking information about the place online. Sometimes because of the lack of information, the trips get cancelled. So, how about you serve this information to them on the plate? How? By simply inboxing them with all the details of the destination. To help you do so with ease, we have introduced drag and drop feature in our email services that does not gives rise to broken links. Whether it's a picture or video or an itinerary document, all you have to do is drag it into the multimedia box, and shoot the mail to the interested travellers, without worrying about the delivery.

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Make trips happen

Even after the trip is planned and the bookings are done, many people have doubts and queries. You being a travel agency have the responsibility to solve these in order to improve your sales and retain your identity of a great trip organizer. The best route to do is this by using a chatbox on your website. The real-time conversations increase the chances of trust and help you gain more customers.

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Share trip updates with your travellers

While the booking is in process, travellers might want to track the live status or even get in touch with your executive for some queries. Using voice calls, the whole process of tracking the ticket status, hotel booking status or fixing a particular query will become as smooth as butter.

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Keep your travellers informed

Another way to keep your travellers informed about minute details of the trips is by using SMS. Combining SMS with a short link, will lend customers on your website, which increases the chances of conversion. Be it a normal weather update or things to carry list, you can share the link of the desired page within the SMS, and help customers with their queries. It helps you keep a track of your customers, and thus aids in retargeting them for the upcoming adventures of your travel agency.

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